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Our Support Network

Experts, Peer Supporters and Complementary Therapists

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Jai - Hunter Aromatics

I am a Level 4 Forrest Yoga teacher and Advanced clinical Aromatherapist. I am a passionate advocate for women's rights in birth and beyond. 
I teach a strong pregnancy yoga style to ensure that you are empowered and ready for birthing and bringing life into this world. 
I use aromatherapy to help people get pregnant, transition through pregnancy as comfortably as possible, birth with confidence and manage the emotions after. 
I offer group classes, private classes, and day retreats. 
Also on offer are the AromaTouch, AromaRelfex and Consultations. 

All yoga classes can be offered on Zoom as well as in person. 

Helen - Belfast Birth Photography

Hi, I am Helen.
I'm a photographer based near Belfast whose purpose is to serve mothers as their family grows, through Birth, Newborn and Motherhood photography.
I want everyone to see how beautiful, powerful and important birth photography is.
For women to feel empowered, to see their child's birth story, documented artfully and taking in all the details that may be missed in the rush of hormones and adrenaline.
For women to look forward to a positive birthing experience.
To have natural, documentary style photographs of their newborns in the first few days of life to treasure how their child looked when they newly born.
To feel proud if they are able to successfully breastfeed and see how beautiful it is.  
To have the focus turned to you and celebrate Motherhood. Many mums have a camera roll full of beautiful photos that they’ve taken of their partner, or family with their little one, but barely have any of themselves. I’m here to capture the photos you deserve.


Ria Keller

Ria is a Postnatal Doula, Chef and Early Years Teacher. In her work she is holding space for mothers throughout the last weeks of pregnancy, the postpartum period and beyond. Ria is empowering women to lean into support, while they are moving through their matrescence – the process of becoming a mother, one of the most substantial physical, mental, and emotional changes that a woman may experience in her lifetime. Ria is currently offering her services online or in person.

Charlene - The Hyp Midwife

Registered midwife and Hypnobirth teacher. She offers hypnobirthing and positive birth classes to expectant parents.


Rebecca Scott-Pillai, IBCLC and Sleep Coach

Rebecca has been supporting families for 20 years, initially as a midwife, and then subsequently as an IBCLC (lactation consultant) and Holistic Sleep Coach. She has a passion for supporting parents through various issues that they face, using a practical, empathetic approach to help parents meet their goals. All the methods Rebecca uses are responsive and gentle, and based on normal infant behaviour and development.

Rainbow Therapies Birth and Postnatal Doula

Sharon has worked with babies and pregnant mums for the last 15 + years. 
She is a breastfeeding support volunteer for the Northern Trust and offer holistic therapies using flower essences which can help with the emotions.

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