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Baby Stretches

" I booked Anne as my postnatal doula for my first baby and liked her so much that I booked her again for my second! She was a calming, judgment-free presence, and I felt so confident leaving her with my little ones while I took a much-needed nap, shower, etc...Don’t hesitate to book Anne as your postnatal doula!" Christina

Postnatal Support

After the birth of your baby, a postnatal doula will support you to be the mummy you want to be!  

She is caring and knowledgeable as you and your family get to know your new baby.

Our professional, experienced, friendly postnatal doulas offer individualised, flexible, support packages to suit your own personal circumstances.  Services may include:

  • Help and support with feeding, bathing, changing, soothing your baby.

  • Look after your baby while you take a shower or bath, spend time with older children or simply have some precious alone time.

  • Look after older children while you spend time with your baby.

  • Assist with pets - feeding, playing or walking.

  • Light housework, cooking simple meals, food shopping, changing beds.

  • Accompany you on first outings - walks, appointments.

  • Sensitive to your needs as a mummy in the early weeks after birth.

  • Offer to massage and soothe your body.

  • Signposting to local groups and services you may be interested in.

  • Listen to your birth story and any concerns you may have.

Packages are usually bought in blocks of a minimum 3 hours at a time.

Please get in touch to book a free consultation and to discuss individualised packages and pricing

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