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Equipment hire

See here for the full list of available equipment for use in labour and birth, hire costs, terms & conditions, and fill in the form at the bottom of the page for booking. We look forward to supporting your birth!


Birthing Pools
(La Bassine; Birth In a Box or MiaVia)


Including everything you need for your water birth


MiaVia Birthing Pool and comfort pack

Sole renters for these pools in Northern Ireland!


Including everything you need for the pool, birth seat and kneeling pad.


TENS maternity units


Include new universal disposable pads


Comfortable Upright Birth


Inflatable Birthing Stool including pump and cover


To support labour progress 

New Addition!


50cm Anti-Burst Peanut-Shaped Ball with pump


Upright, active labour, wherever you give birth 

New Addition!


Includes 1x sling, 2x arm slings, 1x door anchor, 1x beam or branch anchor and 1x carry bag.

Check this YouTube Playlist for ideas on how to use it

Cord ties.jpg

One last thing if you wish... 


Our Doula Anne loves to crotchet these colorful cord ties.

If you wish to add one of these to your equipment hire, please just let us know by ticking the relevant box in the form below.

Terms and Conditions

Details and costs

Our birth pools include MiaVia, La Bassine, La Bassine Maxi, Birth in a Pool Eco and Birth in a Pool Eco Pro. Dimensions vary from approximately 195 x 165 cm, 660 kg filled with water for the larger ones to 165 x 135cm, 490 kg filled with water for the smaller ones. We cannot accommodate specific requests for brands or size as that will depend on availability, but please let us know if you have specific limitations and we will do our best to try and help.

  • MiaVia birth pools can be hired as part of the full package that includes the kneeling pad and birth seat or as a stand alone pool, depending on availability.

  • All pool hire include: birth pool, submersible water pump, electric inflate pump, instruction booklet. You may find additional, but not necessary items, in the packs such as cover or patching kits; this will depend on the kit. They also include all required disposable equipment for their use: universal liner, food-grade hose for filling/emptying pool, water thermometer, strainer for collecting debris in the water. The packs may include a selection of tap connectors or a non-slip floor sheet.

  • CUB hire include: inflatable stool, pump to inflate and deflate, cloth cover (only to be used if there is no leaking of fluids and covered with waterproof mat - CUB can also be used without it and just waterproof mats), repair patch, instructions and information sheet with ideas on how to use it.

  • TENS hire include instructions, universal disposable pads and one set of batteries.


Costs for each type of equipment are indicated above and are fully inclusive of any disposable equipment.

Additional costs for delivery may be required if your location is more than 20 miles from any of our doulas (BT6, BT28, BT52).

For all equipment and reusable accessories, a full check, cleaning and sterilisation is done between each use.

Payment and delivery

For all birthing pools a £50 deposit is required to secure your booking, with the remaining £90 (for standard pools) or £115 (for MiaVia pack) to be paid by 36 weeks when the delivery date will be confirmed.

For the other equipment, the full hire fee is due after availability is confirmed.

Payment can be made by Paypal, once we confirm availability for your dates. We will not reserve the equipment if deposit or fee is not paid within a week after confirmation of availability.

Equipment hire is usually from around 37-38 weeks gestation until around 42 weeks gestation or birth of baby. Collection/delivery of the equipment will be on or before these dates at a mutually convenient time.

In case you need to cancel your booking before delivery the deposit, and any other fees paid will be returned.

In the case of cancellation after delivery a partial refund of hire fee may be available if the equipment has not been opened or used. The cost of accessories cannot be refunded after delivery due to the single-use nature of these.

Equipment Use

It is strongly recommended that you check all equipment and accessories upon receipt. Please report any missing or damaged items as soon as possible to enable a swift replacement.

All equipment on loan to you is your responsibility:

  • It must be kept away from pets and cigarette smoke, and not to be used as children toys.

  • It is your responsibility to inflate and deflate the pool and other equipment according to the manufacturer’s instructions in preparation for the birth and to ensure that the intended environment is suitable for the use of the pool, e.g. size of the pool, weight of the pool when filled.

  • Birth pools must always be used with a liner to ensure hygiene. The tap connectors provided are standard parts and it cannot be guaranteed that they will be compatible with all taps. Therefore, any additional parts required are your responsibility.

  • We request that the CUB is always used with waterproof disposable mats and if the cover is used, it must be washed following manufacturer’s instructions and with gentle washing liquid before return.

  • It is recommended for you to have spare batteries for the use of the TENS units.

  • For the use of the birth sling, we recommend that you check the details for customer safety here and the videos for details on how to set it up and use it here.

Please be aware that the sterile liner instantly becomes unsterile once opened and it is not advised to remove from the packaging until you are in labour. If opened, it must never be filled before labour and must be carefully folded and stored again.

After use, the pool, pumps, CUB, kneeling pad and birth seat in MiaVia must be washed and wiped clean with antibacterial wipes and/or Milton, dried, checked for damage, and re-packed into the storage box/bag with the accessories provided.  Everything must be returned in a clean, dry condition. Used liners, hoses, tap adaptors, thermometers, and strainers should not be returned.

Use of the equipment is at the hirer's own risk: The decision to use any of the equipment remains the individual’s and the doula(s) cannot accept any responsibility for problems during the birth relating to its use.

Return of equipment after hire

Please contact us for an arrangement for collection within two weeks after the birth. If possible, the item will be collected at no cost or alternatively, courier delivery will be arranged at cost.

Any damaged or missing items will be invoiced at RRP.  A cleaning charge may also be applied if the equipment is returned in poor condition. 

Doula clients

Our clients can book the use of our equipment at no cost, but the disposable kit for the birth pool (liner, hose, thermometer, strainer, tap adaptors) or universal pads for TENS will be required and can be purchased from us at £55 for pool kit and £5 for TENS pads.

The hire of birth equipment is to support a positive birth experience across Northern Ireland and is not run for profit. The funds collected from the hire will be used to replace items due to wear and tear and will contribute to the Doula UK Access Fund.

Contact us to book equipment

We aim to confirm availability for around your due date within 2 working days of receiving your request but it can occasionally take us longer if we are attending births

Thanks for submitting!

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