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Pregnant Woman Staying Fit

YogaBellies For Pregnancy

Many women start Yoga for the 1st time when they are pregnant. It’s a chance to take time out of your busy day to stretch, relax and bond with baby.

Classes can be started from 6 weeks pregnant so that you can benefit from relaxation while starting to focus on all the positive aspects of pregnancy and birth. 

You will learn breathing techniques and postures to increase your comfort and strength. The yoga postures are all suitable for pregnancy and focus on building strength, stamina and stability in your ever changing pregnant body. 

Topic discussions are also included which builds lots of knowledge throughout your pregnancy for birth and beyond. 

Classes can be taken in  groups or 1:1 and are offered online and in our doula Tara's studio

The Little Yoga House Belfast 

Balancing the body

Our doulas are trained in additional techniques like the use of the rebozo and Spinning Babies to help with comfort and balance of the body as it grows during pregnancy.

Please contact us for further information.

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