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From homebirth plans to a positive induction - when birth plans change

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

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From our doula Anne

Sometimes plans change, and that is ok as long as mum is fully informed, understands the expectations and is involved in any decisions.

It does happen that plans for a hands-off home birth can change to an induction, and the birthing experience can still be beautiful. You can still remain empowered and in control, and most importantly listened to and respected. So it is more important that ever for mums to consider how they want to birth their baby, what is really important to them and how the system can support their decision-making.

Ashley always intended to birth her baby at home, and had everything set up and ready.

However once Ashley approached 42 weeks with no sign of baby, she changed her mind and decided to speak with her consultant midwife to arrange for an #induction, on her terms.

Ashley was very clear that she wanted a #waterbirth, not to be disturbed and to be left alone with her husband and doula. To compromise Ashley agreed to the telemetry (wireless monitoring) so her midwives would be content to continuously monitor baby and mum without having to interrupt her birthing space.

woman in hospital birthing pool with wireless telemetry

When I arrived at the hospital, Ashley was on the #drip, laughing and joking with her husband and midwives. We got the room set up with lights and affirmations around the pool while Ashley relaxed deeper into labour. She was so calm and controlled, breathing into her baby’s sponge with lavender oil when she felt each surge building. Her husband was right beside her, giving her strength and comfort with his presence and words. We got the pool ready so when she felt that she wanted to get into the water, it was ready for her. She really was a beautiful birthing goddess, floating in the water, breathing deeply into her sponge. My heart was bursting for her and her husband, as baby girl swam into the world!

woman with newborn baby in hospital birthing pool

With the recent change to the NICE guidelines for intrapartum care, there has been in increase in induction rates throughout the UK, with NI having a 40% rate.

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